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味よし、香りよし、歯ごたえよし! カナダ産松茸の魅力 - What's the great quality of Canadian pine mushrooms?

カナディアンロッキー   Because of their culuture, many Japanese eat pine mushrooms (matsutake in Japanese) when autumn has come. And Canadian pine mushrooom is famous for its great aroma; there is almost no difference in aroma between Japanese and Canadian mushroom. And Japanese likes that! There are three great qualities about Canadian pine mushrooms:
  1. Very good Aroma
  2. Very big and good shape
  3. Very natural (we don't use any pesticide) and beautiful white color
You can enjoy our matsutake in cooking or send matsutake as a great gift!

産地直送! どこよりもフレッシュな状態で松茸をお届けします - Direct delivery system! we send our fresh matsutake directly!

Hi-To's matsutake are very fresh! We keep their freshness as much as we can! We're doing that by...
  1. bring fresh matsutake by airplane or express truck from the mountains as soon as possible,
  2. checking matsutake quality and packing it under our HACCP certified factory!
  3. shipping out your matsutake under controlled temperature within 24 hours!

日本に住む大切な方への贈り物に… - Matsutake, they're a great gift!!

Matsutake will be a great gift for your family and friends, especially when autum has come! We send high-quality matsutake to Japan with its freshness!

お客様の喜びの声を沢山いただきました! - Customers' voice!

"Hi-To's matsutake have better aroma and freshness than other Canadian matsutake in stores!" / Tokyo,Japan
"That price was higher than the other companies, but Hi-To's matsutake have better taste and higher quality than others!" / Vancouver, Canada
"I sent to Japan for my family, and they enjoyed them very much! Thank you!" / Seattle, USA
"I bought lots of matsutake and brought to Japan. My family was very surprised! They said 'I have never seen such a big matsutake before!!'" / Tochigi, Japan

Thank you so much!!